Visiting Kelowna

Family Oriented Kelowna Motel

The Pandosy Inn a Family Oriented Kelowna Motel

A siesta, initial Spanish indicating a brief nap taken in the early afternoon, typically after the midday meal. Such a duration of sleep is a typical tradition in hot countries. If you like the weather condition hot, enjoy the heat of the sun, the beach, play golf, ski, delight in great food and wine, the orchards, then these are just a few of the amazing attractions that draw tens of thousands of visitors and tourists to this travel paradise called the Okanagan Valley and Kelowna. All this, of course, with a chilled glass of wine in your hand! When you have actually left the “high-end” of your Suite you are just a couple of minutes walk to the beach, minutes from the beachfront boardwalk, markets, and shopping at its finest. In case you were wondering The Inn is only minutes away from various beaches. Whatever is within simple walking range so don ´ t forget to take your video camera along!  The  Inn is one of those tough to discover gems that not everyone has an opportunity to experience. A household owned company that accommodates your individual requirements on an everyday basis.

Experience  some excellent, old, Kelowna hospitality, and take in the sights, and sounds that make Kelowna and Okanagan Valley an extraordinary getaway experience.

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